Hi! Namaste, II'm Letizia Ghisletta, Leti for everyone!


In my  yoga classes I like integrating all aspects of Yoga: mindful movement, a strong and steady sequence of postures, pranayama, yoga meditation, philosophy and mantras. I like offering the whole experience of Yoga, aware that I am still a student myself and there are still so many things to learn, experience and explore in my own practice.

The aim of my yoga classes is to leave every person inspired and surprised of the experience of themselves. I want to create a peaceful corner where creative vision, freedom and acceptance are the main features. Where there is no 'default or standard way of being' and everyone has a clear vision of their practice and where each steps fits into their journey. 

My private yoga classes are tailored experience. I like having conversations with the person who is interested in starting this experience so that we can create together what they will get out of every session and have an overview of the whole journey. 

I like teaching open classes, which means that i tend to lead classes that are open to all levels: yoga for beginners, intermediate and advanced. I simply thing that whatever posture you're in, there is always a way of BEING in the posture that transform the whole experience and that is what often define the space we create for this practice to mould us. 

I teach yoga in North and East London and around the world when I am travelling. My classes are open to all levels.



 I am a certified 500hr Yoga teacher. I earned my 200hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga certification  with Mollie McClelland Morris and then chose to deepen my experience and knowledge of Yoga in India where I’ve recently earned my additional 300hr Advanced Teacher certification in
Hatha Yoga.

I have been teaching both in London and Switzerland in different contexts: studios, private and public classes, corporates and Drama schools. Some of my present and past clients include: Mountview Academy, ArtsEd, Graze, DWF, Just Giving. Each context deeply connects me to my commitment to sharing Yoga so that everyone has access to this fantastic tradition and practice.

I am passionated about mindful movement and what really works for our body. Our body experiences different phases during our life and I am a big supporter of practicing Yoga in a safe space, where everyone can adapt their postures following their needs and limitations. Yoga is really for everyone, no one left behind.

I have recently started deepening my study of Sanskrit, Yoga philosophy and Vedic chanting and I like integrating these in my classes. I find people are often looking for more than a physical practice and offering these precious teaching is just a way for me to share what brings me happiness and at the same time create a conversation around some aspects of Yoga that may not always be so popular. 

I like sharing with my students how Yoga is much more than just physical practice. It is a way of living, and that is way there is so much joy when I can share this with people of any background.



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I have been exposed to Yoga, meditation, body awareness and Self enquiry since my early age. I went through different meditation practices and healing techniques such as Reiki, Theta Healing, Craniosacral Therapy. From these different experiences I developed my passion for the holistic nature of Yoga.

I had my very first Yoga class when I was a teenager but at that time it didn't hook me. Years after that first event, while I was studying at university in Milan, I started my regular class with Daniele Locaputo and since then I have never stopped practising. There was something special in that yoga class that kept attracting me: the meditation at the beginning of the class, the strong physical practice and that moment in the final relaxation when you feel like you have access to real peace. All these aspects made me love Yoga so much that I decided to keep developing my knowledge and passion on and off the mat. 

Over the years I met so many lovely teachers who made me love different aspects and styles of Yoga and taught me to really observe myself and go beyond the limitations of the mind experiencing expansion and getting closer to my Self. Thank to them I have been expanding my self-practice as well as my teachings, bearing in mind that Yoga is a life-long journey that will never stop to bring wonder, magic, surprise and fulfilment to our life. The path to our Self.

My experience and passion for music and singing has brought me to experience the incredible power of the sacred sounds in Yoga. I have been passionately studying Vedic chanting and Yoga philosophy. My insatiable need to learn never stops! I have also been studying with Carl Hargreaves to expand my experience of Yoga in all its forms: philosophy, asana, meditation, therapy, pranayama following the viniyoga lineage. Because of my interest in the Indian scripture, I am also now dedicating time to Classical Sanskrit, which I study privately while continuing with Vedic Chanting focusing on the Upanishads.

To me, Yoga is a unique and powerful way to get in touch with our real Self, get a sense of what it means expanding our awareness and consciousness, being in the presence and start distinguishing the actions and reactions of our mind. 

Another passion of mine is music. Both music and Yoga offer me an access to my authentic Self and that is why I spend most of my singing, playing and practicing Yoga. Recently, I've discovered the love for Indian music and I've been exploring harmonium and sitar.