About Letizia


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Yoga, Kirtan, Music and Coaching are my passions. Through them I get to support people in what really matters to them.

My story…

Student of Yoga, Yoga teacher, Kirtan leader, Coach, songwriter, writer, designer, food lover and environment-passionate.

Born in a small town in the South of Switzerland I always loved learning new things. Growing up, I soon realised that learning new things is and has always been my ‘fil rouge’ in life. I remember friends telling me: ‘another thing?’ when I was sharing with them about my new passion. I spent years trying to invalidate the fact that I had many passions. Why? Because I felt I couldn’t be good enough in any of them if I hadn’t focused on any of them specifically.

I spent many years trying to separate all my passions to make sense of my life.

Getting older (and more carefree) I learned that who I am is this sense of ‘union’. This space in which all my passions manifest. They are all connected to one another: my music, my Yoga practice, my passion for travels and cultures, my desire to make a difference in the world, with our planet, our animals.

I guess that living in London opened up my eyes to a new world of possibilities. Where I got present that who I am is all these things together and my Self expression has to include them without trying to get rid of one of them to look more ‘normal’.

I see my life in continuing transformation. I see my deep desire to tell stories through my passions while having on impact on those matters that are important to me such as animal rights, sustainability, people empowerment and wellbeing for all.


I am a 500hr certified Yoga teacher (200hr Vinyasa Flow in 2014 with Mollie Morris McClelland and 300hr Traditional Hatha Yoga in 2018 with Ayuryoga Ashram in Mysore. I teach both Vinyasa flow & Hatha with a particular focus on the power of the breath. My classes include elements of philosophy, pranayama, kriyas, meditation as well as chanting.

My way of teaching Yoga has been inspired by many teachers over the years from different traditions: Krishnamacharya, Ashtanga, Anusara, Kashmir Shaivism, and Sivananda. Besides focusing on studying Hatha Yoga (as in asana, pranayama, kriyas, meditation), I also started dedicating myself to Bhakti Yoga. I have recently finished my 200hr ‘Learn to lead Kirtan’ Teacher Training with the wonderful Nikki Slade, who deeply transformed me in my practice and enriched me as a teacher. 

I am currently on a beautiful self-discovery journey with my mentor Lucy McCarthy and continue attending workshops and training to expand my practice and craft. 

Vedic chanting is another passion of mine. I have the privilege to study that with my dear teacher Swami Prabodh Chaithanya.

I am extremely thankful to all my teachers who have been sharing their knowledge and experience with me over the years: Mollie McClelland, Lucy Crisfield, Carl Hargreaves, Lucy McCarthy, Nikki Slade, Swami Prabodh Chaithanya and Vinod Kumar.

How my Yoga journey started
I have been exposed to Yoga, meditation, body awareness and Self enquiry since I was a kid. Over the years I experienced different meditation practices and healing techniques such as Reiki, Theta Healing, Craniosacral Therapy. All these practices have been feeding my curiosity and constantly brought me back to the same question: ‘Who am I?’

I had my very first Yoga class when I was a teenager but at that time it didn't hook me. Years after that first event, while I was studying at university in Milan, I started my regular Ashtanga class and since then I have never stopped practising. There was something special in that yoga class that kept attracting me: the meditation at the beginning of the class, the strong physical practice and that moment in the final relaxation when you feel like you have access to real peace. All these aspects made me love Yoga so much that I decided to keep developing my knowledge and passion on and off the mat. 

Over the years I met so many lovely teachers who made me love different aspects and styles of Yoga and taught me to really observe myself and go beyond the limitations of the mind experiencing expansion and getting closer to my Self. Thank to them I have been expanding my self-practice as well as my teachings, bearing in mind that Yoga is a life-long journey that will never stop to bring wonder, magic, surprise and fulfilment to our life. The path to our Self.

My 200hr Teacher Training was the beginning of a real transformation in my lifestyle. Yoga became the driving force of my life.

My experience and passion for music and singing has brought me to experience the incredible power of the sacred sounds in Yoga. I have been passionately studying Vedic chanting and Yoga philosophy privately with my dear Indian teacher. I have also been studying with Carl Hargreaves to expand my experience of Yoga in all its forms: philosophy, asana, meditation, therapy, pranayama following the Viniyoga lineage. Because of my interest in the Indian scripture, I am also now dedicating time to Classical Sanskrit.

To me, Yoga is a unique and powerful way to get in touch with our real Self, get a sense of what it means expanding our awareness and consciousness, being in the presence and start distinguishing the actions and reactions of our mind. 

About my music journey & training

I have always loved singing. I remember recording myself on the very old 'cassette in the 90s to try to improve my voice! At the age of 15 I started writing songs. It was a way for me to deal with my fears and with my shy temper. At 18 years old I had the privilege to move to Milan to study and graduate in modern singing and Jazz arrangement as well as Estill Voice training with one of the most appreciated Teacher in Italy, Loretta Martinez, with whom I then ended up working.
When I moved to London, I started focusing on working with people to help them freeing their voice. I also discovered my passion for Vedic chanting & Kirtan, which have soon become part of my daily practice.


With over 250 hours of coaching and mentoring with people, I love empowering people, discovering what really matters to them and what their values are, so that they can create a life that fully matches their intentions and heart.