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How mentoring differ from coaching?
Mentoring is more advice-based. A mentor is someone walked a path before you, whatever path it may be. Someone who guides you through choices and share their experiences with the mentee so that they can use these to better shape their choices and steps in life.

Coaching is fully explorative. A coach doesn’t share personal experience. Instead through a specific methodology enables you to investigate and speculate what are the steps you want to take in your life towards the goals that you’d like to see happen.

121 Yoga mentoring:

Who is this for?

Have you just completed your Yoga teacher training and would like to receive mentorship to empower you as a teacher and find your unique voice?

Would you like to be supported in your first steps as a teacher? Look at how to get started and/or how to grow your offerings?

Are you at a moment in your Yoga journey as a teacher or as a practitioner that you feel you’d benefit from regular empowering conversations to bring your teaching to the next level?


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121 Coaching

Create your life from what you value the most.

I love coaching people to find their vision and create a life that fully expresses what matters most to them. Actions are only an expression of a deeper understanding of what we value the most.

My promise to you is to create a safe space in which it becomes clear what your core values and vision are, and you start taking actions effortlessly.

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Your life as an adventure:
a path to redesign your career from scratch.

A 4 week online coaching program in small groups!

Have you ever considered changing your career? Have you ever thought: ‘I am too late to the party?’. Have you ever felt you want to follow your dreams but don’t know how to make things happen? If yes.. then listen up!

Following the high demand for a coaching program focused around changing and creating a new career, I have decided to create this extraordinary program where we come together as a small community and create your next future!
If you are interested, fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch with you in the next few weeks to share with you the content, the cost and all the details of our live calls. Spread the word and gather the community!

Investment: £40
Time: 90 min call every week
Max 6 people

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