That fulfilling experience...

There are many things I like doing during the day but among all these things there is one in particular that really makes me feel sooo good and puts a smile on my face: teaching Yoga and deeply connecting with the people who are practicing together.

When you see people smiling at the end of the class, looking relaxed, happy, satisfied in their own body and mind there is - as a teacher - a sense of deep accomplishment that goes beyond the I-DID-THIS, beyond everything, because it is not about you, it's about all of us. It's about the 'US' we can be if we are deeply connected to who we really are! And ... it's so exciting! In fact, I am like them and they are like me. There is ONENESS, deep connection, trust, fun, freedom to BE. I - as a teacher - am just an active participant as everyone else, discovering with them what's possible in the NOW! That is exactly why my yoga classes occur to me like a dance. A dance between different people with different goals and intentions, who trust each other enough to contribute to a bigger consciousness that gets created in a class. 

Experiencing this kind of feeling, is so rewarding! 


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