The essence of our consciousness


I have recently been to a talk on non-duality teachings and the essence of our consciousness. I must say, it was an incredible night. Just being in the presence of so many people, who are so thirsty for experiencing what resonates as our real 'self' made feel like I am not alone. 

Many topics were discussed that night. Majority of those were things I had been reflecting on in the last few years with close friends. In terms of content, there was nothing that was particularly new to my ears but something shifted within me that night: Since that night I've started distinguishing in a very clear way my thoughts from something else in a way that I have never done before. Since that night I have been able to alter very quickly the experience of my daily life by stopping indulging in negative thoughts that come to me almost like they were produced mechanically by a machine that has no control.

Yes, before that night I had been aware of these thoughts but still very much a victim of them.  There was no velocity in dealing with them.

it's almost like - all of the sudden - I became more present to the whole space that remains immutable within us: our consciousness, the room that holds all that noise that happens, the deepest Self, the holding space. 

The more I get present to that, the easier it becomes for me to stand up against all those beliefs and craziness that makes up my identity, personality or whatever you want to call it. 

That night, even my vision of people shifted. I had a sense that we are all her in this together and that I have been so silly and judgmental thinking that we need to watch each other's back and feel superior. All of the sudden, all those daily battles just seemed so artificial and almost ridiculous. 

I just had a sense of deep connection with all those people sitting there with the same purpose: experiencing peace, connection, authenticity, aliveness. Experiencing another way of being human!