Just a little piece of me...

For years, when I was younger, I never really got what people meant when they said that 'the more you give, the more you get back'. I have always asked myself, how it is possible? I couldn't find the logic explanation to this and thought for years it was just something to say to be nice. 

With the years, I noticed that there was something there for me that had an impact on me giving things away. Something rooted in my childhood. Somehow and sometime I made up that you need to protect your most beautiful things as people will take them away from you anyway and you'll be left with nothing. This belief influenced my life in my relationships with myself and others. I became cautious, overprotective of my relationships, friendships, information, things. I never considered that life is abundant and when you share and give away you there is something moving that creates waves of energy and love and never scarsity. Protecting something that I thought was mine because I earned it, made me so small, possessive and fed my fears for years. I was completely missing out the whole point. 

Maybe, what I am writing here doesn't resonate with you at all or maybe it has never happened to you but I hope it will bring something to all of you,

When I realised how small my view was, how arrogant and strategic I was - thinking that I could control things, and living within a box coming from a place of fears rather than big opportunity, love and abundance it just started to be so natural to me to give away, share, include people. I can't tell you how rewarding it is when you do that. Not only because of the pu re sense of connection that gets created between you and people but the immense value you get out of giving something away: a word, something material, an information, a hug, love. All the things I gave away, they returned to me on a bigger scale, they opened doors to me and most importantly they showed to me I can be free to love and trust people. 

Besides experiencing another you that is expanded and breathing abundant, you can see yourself at the source of someone else's success, expression, happiness. No matter how big your context is, there is always space for contribution. 

Why do we spend most of our time thinking that life is static, permanent, unchanging. Guess what, it is exactly the opposite and trying to change something that was born to be dynamic, fluid into something that is fixed is not going to be easy! When you see yourself at the source of abundance, then there is space, opportunities for everyone.