If you think that having a vision is cheesy then read this


Having gone through many sessions of life coaching in the last few years, I have learned to distinguish many techniques that help me be a better version of myself and in happier in general. There is one thing in particular that made a profound difference in my life: having a vision.

You may think ‘I haven’t invented the wheel’. Of course, I know that! I also know that knowing this hasn’t made much of a difference in my life. Getting present to my core values and to the big ‘Why’ I do things, has.

I don’t know you, but I spent many years living my life accomplishing tasks. It’s great. But, if you are a creative person like me and you LOVE doing many different things, you end up trying everything and find yourself exhausted not knowing where you are heading. Not that it really matters where you are heading anyway as we will end up being old anyway. But, I got to a point in life, (maybe after turning 30) where I just wanted to experience being the same person in whichever area I am. Where, whatever I am doing, I am moved by a specific value rather than trying to ‘achieve’ that value. Where that conversation in my head ‘I’ll be happy when I get that job’ will transform into something like: ‘if I am being my intention, if I am experiencing my vision then my results or achievements will be the manifestation of that’.

Vision is not a goal. Vision is a way of being.

They may seem similar. However, goal is result driven. Vision is an image. It is how we view ourselves in future. It can be broad and it often involves a state of mind, a being rather than a result. Why is that important? Because if we are goal-driven it is all about the result and so, if we don’t achieve that particular result we end up being miserable. There is also not enough space for imagination or simply allowing life to unfold beyond the results we think would be best for us. Being goal driven doesn’t mean that you are also strong in your vision. Often the opposite is true.

It is not a big deal

It doesn’t have to be a huge, very important and serious vision. It could simply be something like: ‘connecting people through arts’ or ‘getting communities together’ or ‘being a relentless voice for animal rights’ or ‘bringing inspiration wherever I go.’ Everyone can create and live their vision. It is available to everyone and it is one of the most powerful tools that can be used by our mind to create our life.

A vision makes you feel alive

There is a different level of ‘aliveness’ when you embrace your vision. Why? Because you have a game to play.

Saying ‘No’ and being authentic

I heard a talk once that encouraged saying ‘Yes’ to everything that comes your way. I understood where this person was coming from when she was mentioning this. Something definitely gets created when you say ‘yes’ to things. There is movement, actions. However, I still think that we can move beyond that. It’s not about our fear of missing out. It’s about taking what resonates to us. Recognising what plays a role inside our vision. It’s about having that big picture in your head that excites you, that naturally inspires you. What is naturally the expression of your vision. I am sorry to say this but although it may sound cool to say ‘Yes’ to whatever life throws at you, it’s not always the smartest thing. You may waste a lot of time saying ‘Yes’ to things that won’t make a massive difference in your development. Instead, learning to say ‘No’ is what creates something new. It is the conflict you go through within yourself when you choose to refuse something that sounds amazing on paper but doesn’t serve your purpose. Those are the moments that will open up other real opportunity in line with your vision.

Trusting that eventually you’ll connect the dots

And finally, there is nothing more than fully trust the process. Knowing that eventually you’ll connect the dots and everything will make sense. Or maybe not. But who cares anyway. Worst scenario, you’ll end up getting older — like everyone else — having lived following a purpose, rather than having gone through a flow of tasks that wouldn’t make much sense to you.

Being used by your vision

Imagine spending your life being used by your vision. Having a life that is 100% speaking your vision. What would that be like? I can assert that it would be pretty inspiring. And uncomfortable at times. And crazy. It would also probably be not only about your life but also about the life of people around you. Why? Well, if you think about it, living and being fully consumed by a purpose or a vision would make you so vibrant that you would probably inspire others to do the same.