Shifting Focus


A while back I chose to live my life in a slight different way than my usual life. 

I thought it would be cool to put at the centre of my life all the things I cared about the most: my family, my travels, my yoga practice, my music, nature, and my wellbeing. I knew very well it’d take something to do that. Some sacrifices. Some difficult choices. 

I felt urged to stop postponing things I always wanted to prioritise and so I did. I said to myself: why not live a life tailored around the things and people who are important to me and creating a possible reality where work becomes passion and passion my work. 

It started like that as a profound human need to be more present in my daily life and for the people who are important to me. Because you know, there’s not that much time to experience life really. It just flies, too fast sometimes. 

And so, 2 months in my 'new' and revisited way of living and I am so conscious and honest with myself about what makes me feel alive and what - on the other hand - kills my soul. Very clear. I am also clear that all this may end soon if I don’t play full out and give it a try. I am also clear I become numb very quickly when I allow stress, worries and judgments from other people touch me inside. My skin loses its pink colour and the light in my eyes disappears. I still smile but it’s almost an hysteric smile of someone who’s  running behind an ideal, an illusion. Like a hamster in a wheel. Exactly like that. 

I can’t tell you how this adventure is going to go. I can only express how exciting it’s been so far. Alive. Breathtaking. Full of love.