The Joy of Living Life Fully

Leti in Lisbon.jpg

In my last post I shared about the action of 'shifting focus' in my life, which has providing me a refreshing view of life.

Something else that has been growing within me is a sense of pure freedom. 
Let me explain myself... 
A few years ago 'life' would have occurred to me as something that comes already packaged. Something pre-made, with not much customisation.

I was so cynical (and hiding it) that I would have never really believed there'd be much space for improvement. Not that I was sad about it. Worse than that. I kind of developed a deep resignation within myself that still creeps in sometimes and I can now recognise and have learned to ignore. 

I had this strong opinion that some people are more gifted than others. However I now believe that in the long run this does not matter so much. What matters is a vision and consistent action towards it. Bold action paves the way for bolder actions and greater results.

The first time that happened to me was when I left my 9-5 job that was making me very unhappy. Well, I was making myself very unhappy in a job I didn't want to have anymore. But somehow, complaining about it was easier than trying something new. You know why? Because I was scared. Scared to fail, scared to be ridiculed BUT EVEN MORE THAN ANYTHING.... SCARED TO SUCCEED and then what? I assert that the majority of the time we are scared to 'succeed'. Not that I know what 'succeed' really means. I mean feeling 'successful' within ourselves is different from what 'success' looks like in our society. That is the kind of 'success' I am talking about. That kind of joy that fills you, that is contagious, that makes you love everyone around you! 

Anyway, going back to the point... 

After leaving my unfulfilling 9-5 job, nothing was the same anymore. 

All of the sudden all those fears I had about leaving my job and to be in the unknown were not there anymore. They were just gone. Forever! Poof!! Disappeared. 'That is weird' I said to myself. The fact is, I was spending so much time in my head rather than actually being in my life. 

Since then, I never looked back and continued step by step, going for it and playing full out. Having freedom of choice, of saying 'Im going to do this' and then the circumstances somehow align themselves. 

Sometimes it is tough. I spent majority of my life being in my head and contemplating my negative default thoughts that undermine me. It just comes very easy to me to think I am not good enough, that I am an impostor and I can't possibly make it. 

Then, something magic happens. I remember, not just mentally, but as an experience, in my own skin, what it feels like when I say and create what I want in my life.. When I commit to my deep desires. ah, that's magic. That is the wonder of life.