Why I Got Myself A Mentor


A while ago I came to the conclusion that I wanted a mentor/coach, who could support me in my Yoga journey as a teacher.

In the last few years, a lot has changed within me. Above all, I changed my view about having to proof to someone that I can do it by myself. I distinguished that I had this view that I always had to be on top of things, otherwise I'd be weak, incapable. 

So much freedom got created when I realised that it doesn't have to be that way. That life, once again doesn't always have one path, one answer, one way to do things. First of all, I got rid of all those silly 'meanings' I added to the possibility of getting support from someone else.

I considered I may be really wrong about this (HA!). I may also be too hard on myself. So many times I thought: 'If I can't make it by myself, then I am weak' or 'I am a loser'. I gave up this sense of 'knowing it all' about how things go and how they should be managed. 

So far, having a mentor and a coach, has been such a transformative and empowering process! I finally have someone, who offers me a new way of seeing things! I know that my mentor helps me clear up the space so that I can make the right choices for myself.
I have access to a Senior Yoga teacher's experience that empowers me in finding my authenticity as a teacher. I have honest and judgement-free ears that listen to all the concerns and fears I have. I have someone who is committed to my development, to me as a person and is there to hold me to account to what I say I'd do. 

Since getting myself a mentor and a coach, I have been feeling extremely in action and empowered. Things have been moving smoothly. Things that have been stuck for months have started moving. I see a transformation in how I approach things, how I make decisions and how I lead my Yoga classes. 

No one needs a coach. However, as a teacher and as an individual, I found that having a coach helps me keep my vision alive. It can be daunting sometimes: having a vision and not knowing how to get there because there's so much in between you and that creation. If you're ready to move to the next step and you know that there is some 'tidying' to do, well I couldn't recommend a better way to speed up your process. 

In the next posts, I'll share more about this inspiring progress. I look forward to doing it!