Deborah, JustGiving

Leti is a great teacher who manages to adapt her class to all levels. She gives clear instructions and guidance about each posture, while keeping the class light and fun. Having the class after a day at work is brilliant and convenient.

Tristan Lungberg

Leti's yoga classes are a fantastic way to stay in shape and relax. The level targets both beginners (like myself) and the more experienced practitioners who attend. Instructions are always clear and classes achieve a good balance between the various elements that make up yoga. I would highly recommend! 

Jamie Barton, DWF LLP

Leti has been running yoga classes at my firm for over a year now to the immense satisfaction of all attending staff.  Her relaxed manner, flexible approach and clear passion for sharing the joys of yoga shine through each class.  Leti is a marvellous teacher and I have zero hesitation in recommending her classes to all and sundry.

Nick Gupta

I went to Leti's yoga lesson as a complete beginner, but I didn't have to worry - her years of experience as a yogi and a teacher came across in the lesson and she ensured that I was performing the challenging poses correctly. Although I broke into a sweat, I felt refreshed by the end of it. I found it was a useful way to kick off my Saturday and will be back for more.

Valeria Basso

I've never tried Yoga before and was curios but sceptical; Leti is very passionate and the class is great for all levels from beginners like me to more experienced. Definitely carrying on with the Sunday classes and would recommend it to anyone interested in challenging theirselves and their minds and bodies!