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What students say…

Hanna, actor musician former student at Mountview Academy

Reuben, actor musician, former student at Mountview Academy


About my journey

I have always liked singing! At the age of 13 I wrote my first song after realising that I was bored of singing the same songs over and over again. There was a longing for more. I needed to express myself and because I was a very shy kid, singing and telling stories through music became my safe space.
Music soon became my life!
I moved to Milan to study music and singing and I remember being so creative that everyday I had a new song to perform and share. I got a degree in Modern signing and Jazz arrangement at NAM and it’s in those years that my songwriting started expanding more and more. I also studied and assisted the amazing Loretta Martinez, an incredible teacher who deeply transformed my singing and life! With her I studied Estill Voice and got a certification as a Master Teacher. A method that transformed my vocal technique, healing my vocal chords (which had nodules) and allowing my self expression to manifest through my voice.

After having released some of my music on the Swiss radio something personal impacted me so deeply that I stopped singing. A couple of years later, I realised that I couldn’t stop singing. It was just part of who I am. I went back for good.
So, when I share my experience with people, not only the technique, but my passion, my musicality and the love for music, all I want is for them to learn to love their voice. That has been the most important journey of my life. Over the years, what made a difference was slowly and consistently learning to embrace that sound that was coming out of my own mouth! What a journey!

Your journey!

So.. if what I wrote above resonate with you. If you are looking to discover your voice, learn the technique but also allow yourself to improvise, find natural sounds that flow through your body, get in touch! We can have a free chat about what can be created!