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4 Day Yoga Immersion in Switzerland

Relax, connect with nature, and get inspired. A 4-day Yoga Immersion in the magic nature of Switzerland.

We are so excited to invite you to this beautiful retreat in the Swiss countryside! 
Join us for a wonderful 4 day Yoga immersion in the magic greenery of South Switzerland. 4 Hours of Hatha Yoga every day, delicious vegetarian and vegan food, Swiss nature, and wonderful opportunity to spend your time creating mindful pottery and / or painting in a joyful study in the middle of the Swiss mountains. 

Please note that in some hours of the day there will be silence. 


Saturday 24th August - Wednesday 28th August £300

The price of £300 includes: 
16 hours of Yoga + 1 hr of Kirtan 
4 Lunches 
Snacks, herbal teas
Access to garden and kitchen 

Price does not include:

Flight to Milan 
Bus to Milan 
Additional transport exploring the Ticino area 

About Yoga:

All Yoga classes will be led by Letizia Ghisletta who integrates mindful flows, meditation, mantra, kriyas and pranayama. 

About the food:

Vegetarian healthy food with the taste of veggies coming directly from the Swiss soil! 

About your spare time:

We offer suggestions and you do whatever you want. 
Some of the things you can do includes: 

>> Visiting the outstanding nature of Verzasca Valley and bathing in the river 
https: // ...

>> Visiting Lugano and nearby areas i ...

>> Visiting the magnificent castles in Bellinzona 
https: //www.bellinzonese-altot ...

>> Craft afternoons of inspired pottery, ceramic and painting 
https: // artelierdimarinella .co ...

>> and many other things! 

Example of programme (schedule may change slightly in terms of time):

Saturday 24th August Arrival by 4.30 PM, Hatha Yoga class 5 PM - 7 PM 
After 7 PM free time 

Sunday 25th August

8.30 AM - 10.30 AM Hatha Yoga 
12 - 1 PM Lunch 
1 - 6 PM Free time 
6PM - 8PM Hatha Yoga, Yin / Nidra 
Free time 

Monday 26th August

8.30 AM - 10.30 AM Hatha Yoga 
12 - 1 PM Lunch 
1 - 6 PM Free time 
6PM - 8PM Hatha Yoga, Yin / Nidra 
Free time 

Tuesday 27th August
8.30 AM - 10.30 AM Hatha Yoga 
12 - 2 PM Lunch 
1 - 6 PM Free time
6 PM - 8 PM Hatha Yoga, Yin / Nidra 
7.30 - 8.30 PM Kirtan 
Free time 

Wednesday 28th August

8.30 AM - 10.30 AM Yoga / Closure 
12 - 2 PM Lunch 
End of retreat 

How to get there

To get to Camorino you can either fly to Milan ( Italy) or Zurich (Switzerland) as we are just in the middle of the two destinations. From the airport you need to take a bus or train. The bus stop in Camorino is 8 min walk from the retreat centre. For any questions, we know the area well and are here to support you! 


* Milan Malpensa 
* Zurich 
* Milan Linate 

From Milan Malpensa:

* Bus from Malpensa to Castione and then bus from Castione to Camorino. Bus is called 'Giosy tour' and we will send you timetable. Pricing is about Euro 35 return. 

From Zurich:

* Train from Zurich to Bellinzona. From Bellinzona you can either take another regional train to Giubiasco and then take a bus from Bellinzona to Camorino. Pricing is CHF 60 one way. 

From Milan Linate:
* From Milan Linate. You need to take a shuttle to Milano Centrale (Train station). From there you can take the train to either Bellinzona (direct) or Giubiasco (may take slightly longer). This option has a nice view however it may take slightly longer in terms of time. Pricing is variable between Euro 22 - 35 one way.

Photos of the retreat centre and the surrounding nature:

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-16 at 08.21.58.jpeg
Yoga studio ticino.jpg

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7:00 PM19:00

Saraswati e l'arte di imparare

Saraswati & L'arte di imparare (3).jpg


19 - 22

£48 (da prenotare online)

Saraswati & l'arte di imparare


Un workshop di Yoga, esercizi di respiro, mantra e meditazione. Una serata dedicata alla pratica personale. Come si puo' sviluppare una pratica quando si e' a casa e non ad una lezione di Yoga? Come mantenere la disciplina e l'entusiasmo necessari per continuare ad evolvere ed imparare?

Come immergersi completamente nell'arte di imparare, aprire nuovi orizzonti, sviluppare ed integrare una pratica sostenibile di Yoga nella vita moderna di tutti i giorni a volte frenetica?

L'energia di Saraswati, dea della parola e dell'insegnamento ci accompagnerà in queste 3 ore di Workshop. Vi sarà opportunità di muoversi, scoprire suoni, condividere con altri e creare un piano pragmatico e sostenibile per la propria pratica, piccola o grande che sia.

Al termine del workshop avrete gli strumenti per creare un breve modello per la vostra pratica personale, creare un piano che può essere facilmente applicato nella vostra quotidianità. Vi sarà anche la possibilità di creare una struttura di sostegno tra partecipanti per fare in modo che le promesse fatte rimangano intatte ed in moto!

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Yoga & Kirtan: Approfondire la propria pratica personale
2:00 PM14:00

Yoga & Kirtan: Approfondire la propria pratica personale

Un viaggio straordinario per approfondire la propria pratica di Yoga, toccando tutti gli elementi che formano lo Yoga tradizionale. Dalla pratica degli asana, alla meditazione, ai mantra e alla pranayama. Per tutti gli studenti di Yoga, che intendono approfondire la loro esperienza e trasformare la propria quotidianita’.

£65 ( CHF 77 + spese di pagamento online incluse)

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Kirtan & Yoga Nidra @ Leyton Yoga
5:00 PM17:00

Kirtan & Yoga Nidra @ Leyton Yoga

with Leti Ghi and Thea Maillard

Singing the healing and powerful sounds of mantra, has been described by many as a wonderful way to ‘come home’ to your highest self. 

Kirtan is the Yoga of the sound, a form of meditation! It originated in South India when the amazing individuals called the Poet Saints started sharing how they discovered their Inner Divine. 

To participate in a Kirtan you don't need to be a singer! And if you are, awesome. Kirtan is not about having the greatest voice, it is about community, coming together to discover our true nature through the sacred sounds. 

All faiths and non-faiths are invited! The beauty of Kirtan is that it is an inclusive practice that everyone can embrace no matter what their beliefs are. 

While chanting with the community you may experience a sense of freedom, love, connection, You may feel moved, inspired. You may reach a space of ecstatic joy!

Date: Monday 1 Jan 2019

Time: 5pm to 6.30pm

Price: by donation, give what you can

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Empowerment & Yoga Retreat January 2018

I am so thrilled to host this retreat together with Phillippa Lennon & Lee Fernandes who are not only my friends but they are amazing coaches and inspiring leaders. This is going to be a wonderful space for you to explore what vision & actions you want to create for your 2018 through Yoga and powerful workshops led by Lee and Philippa. If you are looking into getting into a new career, build your business, create a new relationship, or simply take some time to nurture yourself and take care of your deepest dreams, come along. This is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, who like you are looking to transform their 2018! Love to you all! For more info get in touch:

Empowerment & Yoga Retreat 3.png
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7:00 PM19:00

Ispira il tuo cuore - Piegamenti all'indietro per l'espansione del nostro sé

Condividi con noi questa bellissima avventura di Yoga. Viaggeremo attraverso diversi movimenti e posture tradizionali dello Yoga con lo scopo di creare uno spazio di pace nel nostro corpo e mente. Movimenti e posture che potremo poi integrare nella nostra routine quotidiana così da ritagliarci dei preziosi momenti solo per noi stessi. 

Per riservare il tuo posto, scrivimi a



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